In addition to the publicly available content provided on DSIRE, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center’s team of analysts offers custom research and analysis services to look at topics that extend beyond the scope of DSIRE or provide a deeper dive. Take advantage of the DSIRE team’s national policy expertise to reliably and efficiently answer your energy policy questions. Example requests include:

  • Comparative State Policy Analysis – Summary of a particular policy’s status across all fifty states, including a custom summary map and table (ex. PURPA implementation across states, state solar decommissioning policies, etc.)
  • Pending Legislative and Regulatory Action Analysis – As DSIRE only includes enacted policy changes, the team can provide a comprehensive review of pending legislative and regulatory changes affecting particular energy technologies, policies, or incentives (ex. changes to policies affecting energy storage, changes to state tax credits, etc.)
  • New Markets Research – Identification of states and utility territories offering the most promising markets for particular energy technologies, based on current policy and pending policy changes OR an in-depth analysis of the policy environment in individual states.
  • “DSIRE Distillation” – Allow our analysts to find the specific information you are looking for and present it in a form that is targeted to your needs (ex. customized summary maps or tables, Microsoft Excel data sheets, etc.)

Contact us at to learn more about DSIRE consulting services and pricing.