Detailed Summary Maps

DSIRE’s color-coded summary maps are updated quarterly and provide a geographical overview of certain policies that promote renewable energy in U.S. states. These maps are available as PowerPoint slides for easy incorporation into presentations and reports.

ptx  pdf  Third-Party Solar Power Purchase Agreement Policies  Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Net Metering Policies  Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Distributed Generation Customer Credit Rates for Excess Generation  Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Renewable Portfolio Standards and Clean Energy Standards  Updated December 2023

ptx  pdf  Energy Storage Financial Incentives  Updated April 2020

ptx  pdf  Energy Storage Targets  Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Energy Efficiency Resource Standards  Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Passenger Electric Vehicle Incentives  Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Incentives Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Community Solar Rules Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Solar Access and Easement Laws Updated November 2023

ptx  pdf  Solar Decommissioning Policies Updated December 2023

ptx  pdf  Offshore Wind Energy Targets Updated June 2024