Data and Tools

API Calls

GetPrograms – The routes below will return all Programs in either XML or JSON format respectively.

(Note: these are large queries that return thousands of results)

GetProgramsByDate – The routes below will return all Programs in either XML or JSON format that were last updated sometime between the two dates supplied.[from-date]/[to-date]/xml[from-date]/[to-date]/json

[from-date] and [to-date] in the urls above are variables and should be replaced with the specific dates that you wish to filter to in an 8 digit format.

For example:  the url to retrieve all Programs updated between March 25th, 2015 and May 14th, 2015 in JSON format would be:


XML/CSV Data Endpoint

Below are links to the latest backups of the DSIRE database in both XML and CSV format.


SPARQL Endpoint

Below is the link to the SPARQL endpoint for DSIRE. From here you can use the SPARQL RDF query language to query the DSIRE database.