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Incentives/Policies for Renewables & Efficiency

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Energy Smart - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program (20 Municipalities)   

Last DSIRE Review: 12/12/2014
Program Overview:
State: Michigan
Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
Eligible Efficiency Technologies: Refrigerators, Lighting, Lighting Controls/Sensors, Chillers , Heat pumps, Central Air conditioners, Compressed air, Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls, Motors, Motor VFDs, Custom/Others pending approval, Led Exit Signs, Vending Machine Controls, Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Food Service Equipment, LED Lighting, Intelligent Surge Protectors, HVAC Controls
Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Small Business
Amount:Small Business Direct Install Program: No cost or purchase necessary to participate
Custom: $0.08/kWh

Food Service Equipment
Commercial Refrigeration Systems: $1-$145
ENERGY STAR Steam Cookers: $600
ENERGY STAR Refrigerator and Freezer Doors: $100
ENERGY STAR Ice Machines: $400
ENERGY STAR Fryers: $80
ENERGY STARHot Holding Cabinets: $200
ENERGY STAR Dishwasher: $600
Vending Machine Controller (For Cold Beverage Machines): $50 / Unit
Low-Flow Pre-Rinse Sprayer (Electric Water Heat Only): $25 / Unit
Compact Fluorescent Lamps: $1.50-$8
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Fixtures: $20
LED Lamps: $10-$15
LED Fixtures: $20
LED Exit Signs: $12.50
High Performance T8 Fluorescent Lamps: $0.75-$5
De-lamping: $5 - $10/lamp
Daylight Sensors and Lighting Controls: $0.06-$0.09/sq. ft.
Occupancy Sensors: $30-$50
HID to LED, Induction, T8/T5 Linear Fluorescent: $25-$120
HID Replacement Lamps: $0.30/watt saved

HVAC & Process
Programmable Thermostat (Gas Heat): $20/unit
Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: $6-$8/ton
Air and Water Cooled Chillers: $30/ton
HVAC Building Temperature Controls: $45/1000 sq ft
HVAC Floating head Pressure Control: $50/ton
Optimized Snow Melt Controls:$9/1000 sq ft
Demand Controlled Ventilation: $15/1000 sq ft
HVAC Occupancy Control: $30/1000 sq ft
Occupancy Sensors: $20 - $50/control
Constant Volume AHU to VAV: $450/1000 sq ft
Air Side Economizer: $10/1000 sq ft
Reset Controls: $15/1000 sq ft
Guest Room Controls: $10 - $65/unit
VSD Air Compressor: $100/HP
Variable Frequency Drives: $60/HP
Engineered Nozzles: $100
Flow Controller: $1.50/HP
Refrigerated Cycling Thermal Mass Air Dryer: $1- $1.50/ SCFM
Refrigerated Cycling Thermal Mass Air Dryer: $1 - $1.50/ SCFM
Variable Displacement Air Compressor: $35/HP
Desiccant to Refrigerated Air Dryer: $4/ SCFM
Heat of Compression Air Dryer: $4/ SCFM
Air Compressor Outside Air Intake: $8.50 / HP
Low Pressure Drop Air Filters for Compressed Air: $5 / HP
No-loss Drains – Compressed Air: $150 / Drain
High-Frequency Battery Charger (Fork Lifts Only):$100 / Unit / Shift
Photovoltaic System: $100 / KW
Maximum Incentive:May not exceed 50% of the total project cost, or the individual utilities customer cap (varies per each utility).
Equipment Requirements:For all equipment requirements and guidelines, please refer to the Program Application.
Expiration Date:12/31/2015
Web Site:

Franklin Energy Services has partnered with the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA), which is made up of 20 municipal utilities, to offer the Energy Smart Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Eligible business electric customers served by one of the 20 participating utilities may receive rebates on energy efficient lighting, controls, refrigeration, HVAC equipment, or several other energy efficient measures. Refer to the Program Application for all equipment requirements and guidelines. Purchased products must meet all program standards in order to receive rebates. The Small Business Direct Install Program offers free energy-saving products. Application forms for each municipality may be found on the program web site ( Call 877-NRG-SAV1 (877-674-7281) for further information about the Energy Smart Program. The following utilities participate:

  • Bay City Electric Light and Power
  • City of Charlevoix
  • Chelsea Electric Department
  • Croswell Light and Power Department
  • Dowagiac Department of Public Services
  • City of Eaton Rapids
  • Grand Haven Board of Light and Power
  • Harbor Springs Municipal Utility
  • Hart Hydro-Electric
  • Holland Board of Public Works
  • Lowell Light and Power
  • Niles Utility Department
  • Village of Paw Paw
  • City of Petoskey
  • Portland Light and Power Board
  • City of St. Louis, the City of Sturgis
  • Traverse City Light and Power
  • Wyandotte Municipal Services
  • Zeeland Board of Public Works


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